I have purchased a lot of pics from Mystique. One of the things that makes this site distincitive is that there is no membership. You buy sets you want ala-carte style.

This site is one of the most tasteful sites on the internet. The artistry is exquisite. They never treat women with disresepect. This is truly about the art. You will never be dissappointed with their work. Mystique Magazine has a HUGE library. Thousands and thousands of the best nude pics you can find.

Mystique-Magazine/Sirens is the brain child of photographic artist Mark Daughn.

About Mark Daughn..I don't know the man, and I haven't interviewed him. But I think he is an interesting person, so here is a cut and paste from his website about him. I do not claim to write the rest of this page, and I copy it here only to promote his work. I think he is a genius.

CLICK HERE if you want to check out Mark Daughn's site.

From his site:

Mark has been shooting professionally since 1974 and has established himself as one of the preeminent photographers of women in the world today. His images have a unique sense of sensuality and style. They range from the total fantasy images of Fairies to depictions of the beautiful women next door.
Mark has been published in all the fashion magazines including Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue. In the glamour/pinup realm, Mystique Magazine is where he has established and pursued his unique vision of beautiful women, creating one of the classiest magazines of beautiful women in the world. His fashion background, impeccable lighting, excellent rapport with talent, and ability to create powerful images outside of the normal expectations has truly set Mystique apart in the men’s entertainment genre.
He has also been published in Penthouse, Hustler, and Playboy. His images have won numerous worldwide awards. With nine books published to date he is considered one of the top Glamour/Pinup photographers working today.

About Mystique Magazine--Again--who am I to claim to know more about Mystique than the company itself. I want you to know about Mystique, so here again I copy and paste information about their site, not to claim I have written it, but to share with you about the site.

From the Mystique site:

Mystique features “women you could spend the rest of your life with."

 Women who have reached the pinnacle of what Mystique looks for in a model are given the prestigious title of “Siren.”

Mystique shoots both in some of the world’s most beautiful and stunning settings, including exotic locations such as Alaska, Tahiti, Prague, Belize, Roatan, Hawaii, Fiji, St Vincent & the Grenadines, San Miguel, and Sonoma.

Mystique is about creating a mood or a feeling in an image, not about how explicit or revealing it can be. One of Mystique's core philosophies is that sexy is in the mind of the viewer, not just what is seen in a photograph. It is what you think you see, not what you actually see.
Mystique strives to be different, and often takes risks with the images it publishes, sometimes to the dismay of fans, and other times to their shocked delight. There is no “cookie-cutter” formula. You never know what to expect from the images a model creates with Mystique – except that it will be of the highest quality.
Mystique Magazine has been described as being sexier than Victoria’s Secret, but not as revealing or explicit as Playboy.


Mystique Magazine is owned by Infinity Studios, Inc. and is based in Austin, Texas. The company was founded in 1998.
Product Lines

The company’s website, at, features original images and video clips of both well-known models and new discoveries. Mystique’s unique style and presentation, combined with exceptionally high standards for models, creates a truly one of a kind online experience.
Mystique also creates and licenses a range of branded collectibles, including hard cover photo books, DVDs and wall calendars. Mystique DVDs are distributed in North America by Image Entertainment and Woodhaven Entertainment, and internationally through Powersports Video Productions. Mystique’s wall calendars can be found nationwide in stores such as Calendar Club and leading online retailers such as Amazon and Bud Plant.

Mystique produces original television programming for North America’s top Pay Per View networks, such as TVN, LodgeNet, inDemand, and Dish Network. Mystique also supplies content to all of the world’s top mobile phone networks through industry leaders Waat Entertainment and Brickhouse Mobile.
Mystique and its models have been featured in national and worldwide media, including on shows such as Inside Edition, Extra, E!’s Wild On, Naked News, Howard Stern, Fox, Telemundo, RTL (Germany), TechTV, Celebrity Justice, and Poorman’s Bikini Beach, as well as radio stations from coast to coast.

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